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Our Middle School program aims to develop Self Regulated Leadership through the use of social and natural phenomena as contexts to develop future-oriented life skills, such as Ethical Leadership, Expert Thinking, and Empathetic Social skills. Learners are empowered to develop a STEAM mindset and project management skills in coming up with innovative solutions for real life sustainability issues, using contemporary technology, wherever applicable.

Cluster System

The Middle School program applies a cluster system, in which each learner is a part of a homeroom community, as well as a bigger community: their cluster. They navigate through three classrooms according to their daily schedule, and are taught by six teachers. The learners generally stay together in this community for the duration of their study in Middle School. This setting creates an environment for the learners to practice Audience-centered Communication, Synergistic Collaboration, and Ethical Leadership skills in a wide variety of groupings in a larger community.

Learners of different ages in the Middle School Program are also grouped together, creating a multi-age classroom to better resemble the real world. Research has shown that this setting maximizes social-emotional development, as well as academic performance. It helps learners develop empathy, confidence, and leadership. This setting creates the opportunity for them to practice their social skills among people of different ages, just like in the real world. Multi-age classrooms promote a sense of social-emotional safety because the learners stay together as part of their cluster community.

Making Good Choices (MAGIC)

MAGIC is a special class where learners learn how to consciously develop a plan, implement the plan through a thoughtful learning process, and reflect the implementation of the plan for future improvement, all based on the learners’ interests. MAGIC builds the skill necessary to the development of life skills, that is making plans and organizing, action, and reflection. By constantly practicing MAGIC, we help the learners to create a pattern in their brain. So, every time they are faced with a problem or intention, they will be accustomed to thinking in these three steps: conscious planning, thoughtful learning, and reflection for future improvement. In Middle School, our learners integrate their MAGIC Projects into Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), as part of our aim to be a sustainable innovation hub. Learners choose one SDG goal and create a solution in relation to the chosen SDG.

They need to implement and test their solutions in a real community that will benefit from the solution.

STEAM Mindset

We create a mindset of coming up with automated solutions using scientific inquiries, the right technology, design thinking, empathy and emotional appeals. An example of how the STEAM mindset is developed is when learners find an innovative solution to a problem (social or natural) with math skills enhanced with technology.

Character, Community & Cultural Development and
Community Work

3CD is a subject that elevates social issues to be observed from various perspectives of different religions in Indonesia. Through this activity, learners develop values to overcome social issues. Equipped with values and skills from Character, Community and Cultural Development, learners participate in Community Work as a part of their graduation requirements. Learners give back to the community by developing activities that are useful and meaningful for others.


Our curriculum believes that learning should aim for the long term goals, i.e., skills, values, and concepts. The curriculum contents are designed based on International standards, while adhering to the required National content. Our Middle School Program covers the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan
  • Social Studies
  • Religion
  • Digital Literacy
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Physical & Mental Well-being
  • Making Good Choices (MAGIC)
  • Character, Community, Cultural (3CDs)
  • Meta Level Reflection



Students partake in various Learning Activities that develop bright minds and strong character through the enhancement of academic and social capabilities. Specifically designed to contribute to knowledge construction and community work, these activities provide rich learning experiences that strengthen intrapersonal, interpersonal, and academic skills.