1. Elementary school (mix) category.
  2. Middle school men basketball.



Registration Rp. 400,000 /Team

Half Competition Match System

Participant Requirements:

  • Category for Elementary School Participants, 10 years old, maximum grade 6 born in 2007.
  • Male / Female Junior High School Participant category 14 years old maximum class 3 born in 2005.

Game Rules:

  1. Basketball matches will be held if there are at least 8 teams participating.
  2. The rules of the game are adjusted to the official rules of PERBASI.
  3. Obliged to submit requirements in the form of photo and certificate from the school.
  4. One team is 12 players and 2 Official.
  5. 1 team of players who competed as many as 5 players.
  6. Tournaments use the Half Competition system and knock out in the next phase.
  7. Game time 4×10 minutes.

Form Pendaftaran

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