Story-Telling ( in English or Bahasa Indonesia)


General Rules

  1. The participants are elementary school students.
  2. Each school can only send a maximum of 2 delegates for each category.
  3. SARA is prohibited in the performance.
  4. Theme: “Original Work”
  5. School representative needs to attend the technical meeting as set by the committee inorder to know the compelete technical details on the competition.
  6. Submission of the script for the preliminary round must be in the form of hard file (3 copies) to the committee at the technical meeting.
  7. Participants must wear the performance number given in the technical meeting and also must wear school uniforms.
  8. Storytelling competition for English and Bahasa will be on February 22, 2020 in a different room.
  9. The judges’ decisions are final and irrevocable.

Technical Rules

  1. Contestants need to deliver their story in 4 to 7 minutes (including all preparation).
  2. Each participant needs to deliver a story based on the chosen theme from the committee.
  3. The theme for Elementary School category is, “ Never Give up / Success through determination / Think before you act / Don’t judge a book by its cover, Develop the Star in You , Being a Star to Others”.
  4. Participants are not allowed to bring any script during their performance.
  5. Judges will choose top 5 finalist and will move forward to the final round.
  6. The finalists will be taken to an isolation room and will be given a picture before the performance. This picture must be adapted into their story. If the finalist fails to implement the picture, a deduction of 5 points will be given by the judges.
  7. The finalists will be given 15 minutes to adapt their story in the isolation room.
  8. Each finalist is given 4-7 minutes to perform their final story.
  9. Proclaimation of winners will be done during the Awarding Day on March 14, 2020. Top 3 winners will be notified by the committee to join the Awards Day.

Contact person: Ms. Sani Sintyawati, 081212445085,

Registration fee: IDR 85,000/person

Award: Cash prize + trophy + certificate + gift products

Form Pendaftaran

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