Swimming 25 M (2 Laps)


  1. Kindergarten (Board Freestyle Legs, Board breaststroke Legs).
  2. Kindergarten, category (Freestyle, breaststroke).
  3. Elementary school grade 1-2 male / female (Board Freestyle Legs, Board breast stroke Legs).
  4. Elementary school grade categories 1-2 male / female class (free style, breaststroke, butterfly style).
  5. Class categories 3-4 male / female (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly).



Registration Rp. 75,000 / individual style.

Event Champion Match System, the series race gets a Victory PIN.

Participant Requirements:

  1. Kindergarten Participants under 6 years of age maximum birth in 2013.
  2. Elementary Participant Category Class 1-2, maximum class 2 born in 2012.
  3. Primary Participants in Class 3-4, maximum class 4 born in 2010.

Game Rules:

  1. Swimming Competition will be held if the number of participants reached minimum of 50 students.
  2. The rules of the game are adjusted to the official rules of PRSI.
  3. Contests that are competed at the beginner level (not athletes).
  4. Obliged to submit requirements in the form, deed, photo and certificate from the school.
  5. The race uses the Event Champion system, but in the series is entitled to get a winning PIN.
  6. Distance of 25 M Race (2 Laps).
  7. The official who will protest must complete the protest form and submit the protest money of Rp. 1,000,000.

Form Pendaftaran


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