What comes to your mind when you know that you will do Math?


When you think of maths, are you a little nervous, or interested?

In case you didn’t notice, Math is everywhere. It’s embedded in everything we do. So with a little awareness, by sharing everyday activities, playing and interacting with your child, you can familiarize them with Math concepts without under pressure.

Can you think of an activity that involves Math? Yes, cooking … Through cooking, we practice Math skills such as measuring water, salt, and flour .

Sekolah Highscope Indonesia Bintaro held  a fun way of learning Math & technology applications at home, work and other places through parents sharing session as guest speakers in class and in each grade level.  We also  gathered parents  to learn Math through “Parents Do Math” session wherein they had the chance to experience how the teachers teach Math in the classroom. Parents learned to understand the appropriate ways to help their children learn Math and develop Mathematical sense with our energetic and creative Math teachers as well as  nullifying the connotation of learning Math is hard and not fun. At the end of the session,  parents realized that HighScope is not weak in Mathematics, instead HighScope teaches Math to target concepts and skills.

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding. ~ William Paul Thurston


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