Early Childhood Assembly (March 9, 2022)


Blue Room

Title                : Baa Baa Black Sheep
Objective       : Children explore the sound of a simple rhythm instrument and sing along to the beat

The children feel the beat by clapping their hands. They clap their hands to the rhythm while following the beat of the musical instruments in the video. This activity enhances the children’s curiosity regarding the way they can feel the beat towards other musical instruments. The children looked very excited when recording themselves making the beat with their own musical instruments. So much so that they asked to do more!

Yellow Room

Title              : Itsy Bitsy Spider Performance.
Objectives    : The children sing itsy bitsy spider and explore a variety of musical instruments.

The children perform itsy bitsy spider while making the beat by using their own musical instruments at home.

Peach Room:

Title             : I am a Music Man
Objectives : Children pretend to be the music man by playing musical instrument.

The children will play any kind of musical instrument while pretending to be the music man.

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